Florencia Tevy

CV Maria Florencia Tevy (short)


Sex: female



E-­Mail : florenciatevy@gmail.com


ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-­0002-­8915-­1328

On twitter: @florenciatevy

On Facebook: Florencia Tevy




Degree: Licenciada en Genética (equivalent to Ms in Genetics)

Institution: Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM) Country: ARGENTINA

Year: 2004


Degree: PhD (Biochemistry section Genomics) Institution: Universitá degli Studi di Bologna (UNIBO) Country: ITALY

Year: 2008


Posdoctoral Research Assistant

Institution: Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) Country: SPAIN

Year: 2011





Main research question: ¿How does the genotype status affect individual body time?


Main research areas: genetics and transcriptomics of aging and age related diseases.


Transcriptomics of aging: we are interested in identifying transcriptomic changes during aging which can account for the hallmarks and mechanisms of this complex process. We use an interdisciplinary approach based on bioinformatics tools, molecular biology, classical genetics and imaging in order to validate high through-­put data.


Characterization of the aging non-­coding transcriptome and its relevance in regulation of body time: the largest part of the genome is not transcribed into proteins. We study the potential regulatory role of non-­coding transcripts expressed during aging and their relationship to differentially expressed genes in old individuals. We want to understand to what extent the nons-­coding genome can influence the aging process. We use an interdisciplinary approach based on computational tools, bioinformatics tools,

molecular biology, classical